Wednesday, April 27, 2011

litle girl's denim (jeans)skirt - free tutorials

I have a thing for denim skirts. I dont wear them anymore, but i love looking at different styles.  Now that summer is here and  ponnu has outgrown  her winter jeans, we need some skirts..  So, as usual, i prowled the net for some inspiration.

I had seen lots of denim jeans-to skirt conversions, but they all had this triangle-in-the-middle design like this  that i did not like.
Now suddenly, i have options! (click on the picture to take you to the tutorial..)

all of these require me to cut up the jeans. i'm happy about that...  i felt so bad to hang on to my  old jeans that i'll never fit into anymore (sniff) Now they have a purpose! (and my hubs will be happy if I free up the shelf space!)

Now to choose which one... i will have to ask the diva herself..

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