Tuesday, February 23, 2010

easy gathering fabric for ruffles

did you know that you can gather fabric without basting on a normal machine? just turn the tension dial to 9 or however high it will go, and sew with a normal basting stitch(longest stitch). the fabric gathers up like magic! you can control the amount of gathers by how fast you sew. (slowly, and you get light gathers, fast and you get thick bunched gathers.).

if you decrease the tension.. like turn it to 8 or 7, the ruffling decreases. You have to try this on a scrap piece to see how full you want the gathers to be.. you can adjust pedal pressure and play with the tension dial till you get the perfect fullness.

For most of the girly dresses i make, i set the tension at 7, sew the long straight stitch(basting stitch) to ruffle the skirt part, then turn the tension dial to normal (4 or5) and sew regular stitch to attach the ruffled fabric(skirt part) to bodice(top part).


  1. That's a great tip! I've never used that method before.

    1. Try it.. totally the easiest method there is!


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