Tuesday, December 1, 2009

how to make a circle skirt

I saw the tutorial at this mama makes stuff for a circle skirt and thought, my mom makes it so easily without a pattern!

so here are instructions to make the simple circle skirt for you or anyone else, its that simple.

measure your waist. write this down as W=_

measure how long you want the skirt to be. write this down, L=_

fold your fabric from selvedge to selvedge. fold it down to make a squareish shape.

now draw two circle shapes on the fabric like this:

oh wait, dont just draw them, you have to think a bit first.
the small circle is a bit larger than your W. (little math lesson here, circle perimeter is Rx2x3.14 so R should be around W/6. so divide the W by 6, and round up. say, if my waist were 24inches(oh, the possibilities), we do 24/6=4. but we need to add a bit to this because i would want to pull the skirt over my hip...and i dont want a zip.
so i add 0.5 to that, so R=4.5 inches.
if W=20 (like my baby amy, right now eating pickled onions .........oh no! be right back!)

err where were we? ah yes, w=20. so 20/6 will be... wait, let me get the calculator on this..ok,we get 3.33, so we round it up to R=3.5.easy peasy. hmm i hope you think so. you still with me on this?
0k. mark your fabric with a chalk or disappearing pen. if you dont know how to mark a circle shape, the easiest way is to tie a lenght of string(or yarn, or thread, or ribbon) around your marker and FROM THE MARKER, measure the distance and make a mark on the thread. hold this point to the folded corner of fabric and mark the circle with the marker end.
first, mark the waistline. for another way to do this, check the picture and tutorial at this link.
next, use W+R as the marking length and mark the hemline.
now cut through all layers to make a donut-shaped circle skirt.
attach elastic to the waistline.
finishing the hem:
with doublefold bias tape
with ribbon like in the famous lazy days skirt from oliver+s
with lace, using the same technique

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  1. Thank you! I will be taking my engagement pictures next week and our theme is VINTAGE! xD
    I will be making a dress though, so I'm guessing I have to make the skirt first and then figure out how to make the top! Well hope it all turns out good! Bless you!


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