Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summer sewing: tunic dress with free tutorial link

A very simple tunic dress for the summer holidays.  I used woven (non-stretch) fabric, just made the dimensions a bit looser and pinched it at the neckline (to form a pleat, and make sure it did not slip off the shoulders) . If you want to make one yourself, a good free  tutorial can be found at zaaberry who used knit (tshirt material) fabric.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Diwali crafting: easy DIY paper lanterns diyas

diwali paper lantern display DIY tutorial
Diwali or Deepavali (“rows of lighted lamps”)   is a joyful festival to symbolize the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. Indians all over the world celebrate Diwali with beautiful lights, fireworks displays, “rangoli”s, prayers and parties. To mark this Festival of Lights, we made some colorful paper lanterns to decorate our home.

What you need:

A4 size craft paper/pretty wrapping paper
 craft scissors,

Scotch tape/glue stick.

What to do:
   Cut the paper into half,  to size 21cm x 15cm. 

   1. Take half of one sheet of paper, Fold it lengthwise, and 

2. cut  from the folded edge, about 1cm apart, up to 2cm away from the edge.( Small children need help with this step; you can make it easier by drawing lines 1cm apart for them to cut. )

    3. Open the paper

4.Overlap and stick the short edges of the cut strip to the form a tube.

 Ta da! The lantern is ready. Now make a few more to create a pretty display.

(Option 1) Place an LED candle inside the lantern for a cute table decoration. A tea light candle will work, too, but will need constant supervision.

(Option 2) Stick a strip of color paper 2cm x 15cm to make a handle, and hang a few lanterns together for a colorful Diwali banner. Use a string of twinkling lights to add to the festive look.

(edited to add: this tutorial was published in the Qatar Tribune ,
It's a wonderful feeling to see my name in print. Diwali papercraft tutorial in the Qatar Tribune, page 42. Thanks to QatART and QT for this opportunity

Friday, October 3, 2014

Best out of waste :how to make a paper coil basket - DIY

As i was browsing pinterest one day, I  saw this lovely little garbage basket made of waste paper. Such a  beauty.  I saw this, pinned it, and went my piteresting way.. but this little basket stuck to my head.  I looked through for instructions, but could not find any. Later, I saw someone  made the same circles on a coaster..okay, figured it out. 

Let's start with the super simple steps:
1. take an old magazine,

2. tear off its pages, one by one, and roll them into reeds. You can make many things with these paper reeds, I choose to make coils.

3. Roll them into coils and put a drop of craft glue at the end to keep it closed.

4, Add a little craft glue to stick the coils to a cardboard base.

5. Keep sticking all the coils till you get a basket the size you need, (or you run out of coils like me).

And thats it. 
So, would you make one?


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