Monday, June 30, 2014

a cinderella dress

tulle cinderella dress jayasplace
tulle cinderella dress jayasplace
something with lots n lots of tulle. stiff tulle, soft tulle, crystal tulle. made for a little girl who looks absolutely divine in it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

felt keychains made on collaboration with JSP CRAFT LAND

felt keychain
I made the black n red hearts. Printed the tags off the internet. Do you think they fit the theme? Those gorgeous painted rose bushes were the handiwork of the amazing Jan of JSP craft land. Look through her page, her ribbon work is soo beautiful. 

via Jaya's Place

Sunday, June 22, 2014

why do i sew when i have zero time?

because i am mad, completely bonkers.
because i am an escapist, trying to find oblivion in tiny machine-made stitches.
because my girls need more clothes.
 because i wont be sewing for the next month.
 because my stash of fabric sends me into a guilt trip every time i see it.
 because i dont have time enough to do what i want to do.
 because i have ideas in my head that just wont let me sleep unless i make them a reality.
 because i cannot buy anymore fabric before i use up at least half of what i already have.

because i cannot say no when someone compliments my work.
 because i like sewing more than cooking.
 because i am quite proud of how much i learned in those years where i "did nothing".
because i have confidence that i can do it better than someone else.
because i have champagne style on a beer budget.
because i WANT to do it.

just because.

and so, i made two matching skirts for the older girls.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

making a snow white costume for a baby

baby snow white costume
Someone asked me to make a costume for her baby.
(Not this baby, this is from google..)
look at that adorableness.. how can I say no?
The dress is easy, I used the free  party dress pattern from cottagemama.
made a red bow, and added the whimsical lace underskirt.. how cute is that!
here are some pics :)

would you like to know the secret trick to make gorgeous snowwhite sleeves? click over to CINO to find out.


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