Tuesday, June 16, 2015

free patterns for children, sewing for summer vacation

pink indian cotton summer dress  by jayasplace
Summer is the easiest to sew for. Short shorts, sleeveless dresses, spaghetti tops, twirly skirts.. everything is a celebration of the summer sun. I have to say, after a few years in Qatar, I have become quite fond of the burn-your-face-off heat blast every time I step outside.

Summer means less clothes in some parts of the world, here in the desert countries we don't shed layers- we choose thinner fabrics. Voiles, rayons,  poplins, seersucker that allow lots of airflow while giving no reflected heat, no stifling humidity. I prefer more modest fashions,  to prevent sun burn. If  we look at the traditional costumes of  the arabs and other desert dwellers, we see them (quite sensibly) covering up as much as they can. It looks like it will be stifling inside, but the type of fabrics they use ensure that they stay fabulously cool!

as I am gearing up for a (very long) vacation with three little ones in tow, I look around and see all the shopping malls having discount sales. yes, everyone knows that half of Doha fly away in the heat of summer. The shops know that we will buy everything new before travel. clothes for ourselves, gifts for our families, this is one time when even skinflints choose the "trendy" stuff. Sorry to say,  I find very slim pickings in my shopping trips.. because I don't pay until and unless I deem a product worth its list price. Shoes, pajamas, sunscreen.. my shopping list is short.

 Not like when i go to the fabric souk, where I find myself emptying my wallet and chasing the ATM for more. (yes, those people take cash. very little cash.) I have quite a lot of the beautiful indian cottons I collected last time I was in India, I have some of the gorgeous arabic cottons from the souk.  planning to make some heavy duty summer wear for some very hot climates, I made up a pinterest board with some pretty free tutorials and patterns for some pretty summer clothes. click through to see them!

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