Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Welcome to my blog!

 I am a mad scientist who sews in my spare time. After about ten years of sewing little girls clothing, collecting tons of online tutorials on pinterest and general SAHM awesomeness, I joined QatART, that is a community of handcrafters in Qatar (click through for more info!)

Through them,I started giving craft workshops for little ones  and sewing workshops for not-so-littles. I have a facebook page where you can see most of the stuff I make, I have an instagram where you will see snippets that catch my eye.

  I dabble in all kinds of crafts, I do custom work for special orders, I draw, I paint, I craft with paper and plastic and glass and fabric.

On this blog, I hope to post a lot of links and tutorials that spark that creative instinct inside you, something you can share with your kids on the weekends. you will see a lot of sewing, and many other crafts that catch  my fancy.


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