Thursday, November 27, 2014

Virtual Teachers Part 3: Creativelive idea of CreativeLive  is simple: these are video classes that you can watch for free, and if you register (which is free) you can participate in the class using chat. There are four channels streaming very interesting content in HD, all you need is a laptop and you can start learning, just like that.

I discovered creativelive when Photojojo promoted their adobe photoshop classes. I learned all I could about my camera and post processing from those classes. There is the added benefit that thee classes are taken by people mad about their passion, so it is extremely inspiring to watch them. The have crafting, business, music, art classes live, and if you can find the time, it is a fantastic investment.

So go on, click through, and tell me what you think of the site. Happy surfing!

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  1. Hi Jaya, didn't know about this. Craftsy and sewmamasew I did.. this is new to me.. Thanks for this.


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