Thursday, November 20, 2014

Virtual teachers: Part 2: Sew Mama Sew

Sew Mama SewLast week, I talked about craftsy. Today, I introduce a site that was there almost from the beginning of the online crafting explosion: Sew mama sew.  

This was a fountain of ideas right from the beginning, by utilizing one great resource: the audience. the SMS forums were a haven for new moms bitten by the sewing bug, but with no idea where to begin. They have a huge collection of free detailed  tutorials to sew everything from baby bibs to quilts, and everything in between.

Their annual "handmade holidays" encourage many a crafter to add  gorgeous handmade gifts to the holiday giftstash. I believe they introduced the distinction between homemade-looking and quality hadmade.Get some of their tutorials for handmade gifts you can make.

They  host a biannual giveaway day, where individuals across the sewing community give away stuff- for free- just for the fun of it.

They also host a lot of sewing book reviews,and usually have at least one free project from each book they feature.

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