Friday, October 3, 2014

Best out of waste :how to make a paper coil basket - DIY

As i was browsing pinterest one day, I  saw this lovely little garbage basket made of waste paper. Such a  beauty.  I saw this, pinned it, and went my piteresting way.. but this little basket stuck to my head.  I looked through for instructions, but could not find any. Later, I saw someone  made the same circles on a coaster..okay, figured it out. 

Let's start with the super simple steps:
1. take an old magazine,

2. tear off its pages, one by one, and roll them into reeds. You can make many things with these paper reeds, I choose to make coils.

3. Roll them into coils and put a drop of craft glue at the end to keep it closed.

4, Add a little craft glue to stick the coils to a cardboard base.

5. Keep sticking all the coils till you get a basket the size you need, (or you run out of coils like me).

And thats it. 
So, would you make one?

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  1. How cool. Using exact same idea I made an owl with my son for his craft out of recycled material. Next time I'll do this one. Its so good and the little one can be all hand on.


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