Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pretty pink party dress for a special someone

Made the big bow dress as a prize for my 100th 'like' on my fb page. Took a long time in the brain, but once the materials were assembled, it went together quite quickly. I used the cottagemama party dress pattern (again) and added the bows on request.

The mom sent me this pic to show it fits well :D
Doesnt she looks gorgeous?

My machine fell apart ( really! There were pieces falling off!) and I borrowed my lovely neighbour's machine to finish this before I left on vacation. 


  1. That's a lovely pink dress Jaya! How's your machine now? How kind your neighbour is :) That complementary skirt is so cute!

    The Arts & Me

    1. The machine is sick and quarantined, vital screw is missing from its needle shaft. I am on vacation right now, hope to send it to the service center as soon as i get back. I love how the dress turned out, thanks Sindhu!

  2. Love the cup cake skirt Jaya. Its very pretty. So nice you have people around you who sew. Its always nice to have those little discussions on how did you do that and how you cut that.
    Wow a prize for the 100th like. Super cute of you to do that. Love the dress and the fabric. Its come out very well.

    1. Thanks Preethi :)Yes, having someone who shares your brand of craft is so much fun. i have to say, my madness drove her to get a machine :D

      The cupcake fabric literally stopped me and dragged me into the shop, and made me pay the full price without bargaining, it was so cute!

      i have some more of that print, will make something as soon as i get up and about.

      100th like is a big milestone for someone as introverted as me, and i am glad i finished and delivered the gift before my 200th like ;)


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