Sunday, June 22, 2014

why do i sew when i have zero time?

because i am mad, completely bonkers.
because i am an escapist, trying to find oblivion in tiny machine-made stitches.
because my girls need more clothes.
 because i wont be sewing for the next month.
 because my stash of fabric sends me into a guilt trip every time i see it.
 because i dont have time enough to do what i want to do.
 because i have ideas in my head that just wont let me sleep unless i make them a reality.
 because i cannot buy anymore fabric before i use up at least half of what i already have.

because i cannot say no when someone compliments my work.
 because i like sewing more than cooking.
 because i am quite proud of how much i learned in those years where i "did nothing".
because i have confidence that i can do it better than someone else.
because i have champagne style on a beer budget.
because i WANT to do it.

just because.

and so, i made two matching skirts for the older girls.


  1. Wow!! loved reading it. People still ask me why I sew. I should point them to this. :)


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