Saturday, May 17, 2014

What is so special about queen elsa?

What is special is that she is the first Disney character that I analysed from the fashion POV. what is special is that this is the first time I was interested enough in a costume to try and reproduce it. 

She introduced me to the realm of cosplay. An alternate universe where people dress up as fantasy characters, as a hobby. Where each fold of her computer- generated costume is painstakingly reproduced down to the last snowflake on her cape, by actual human people who wantt o look exactly like that image. 

Elsa is special  in that her dress becomes an inspiration to every little girl who sees it. I mean, a long, slinky dress and a longer, sparkly cape? What is not to love?

And so, when a query came that someone wanted an elsa dress for her daughter, I jumped at the chance. Even though it was the busiest week of my life.  I found time to make a comprehensive pinterest board, there came a mad whirl of tulle and glitter and aqua satin. right alongside the parrot costume, the elsa costume grew and spread its wings. 

Working with a constant haze of fabric in my head,  sparkly tulle and organza and satin, not to mention fabric paints and silver glitter and white spray paint and hard netting ,  snowflake stencils that i could find nowhere in Doha, and an amazing costume pattern via the fabulous Aly and Mel of Inspiration Station, and the dress took shape in no time.  Can you see the sparkle in the netting, the shine in the satin and glitter of fabric paint?

I went to deliver the dress, and alas! the zip opening is too small! (heh. note to self: that is what you get for trying to cut corners to save time. and thank God that I insisted on a dress fitting! I shudder to think what would happen if they found the problem on the day of the party!) and after the required tiny readjustment, (thank God again that i had not cut off the rest of the zip before finishing!)  The dress fit beautifully. Am I glad or what :D

Here is a pic the mom sent me, of the little one wearing it for her party,  The trailing cape made the dress look so dreamy!

edited to add: Mccall now has a pattern for the elsa and anna costumes. see here:

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