Thursday, January 2, 2014

how to start -and finish- a dress in two hours.

step one. find some last minute event that requires a color coded costume.
step two. scour the stores in the locality, and find that the color is so last year (or so fashion forward)  that none of them have any clothes in that shade.
step 3. raid the local fabric shop, try to guesstimate the color and amount of fabric.definitely buy more than you think you will need.  dont forget to buy the zipper, lining, tulle , thread and elastic.
step 4. measure your model.  start work on the dress. draw a few inspiration pics.  ask for opinions. draw elaborate designs on paper.  lose the paper. make a skirt. find out it is too short by two inches.. head desk.. thank your lucky stars that you bought more fabric.

step 5. leave the dressmaking  in a corner to tend to more important events,  like finishing a report for work,  cooking a few feasts, attending a few  notable events.

step 6. add in a curveball event or two, that take you away from home for more than 24 hours at a time.

step7. look at the calendar. look at the time!!
clear the dining table. roll out the bolt. find your lost sewing supplies.

step 8. mark, and cut out the bodice pieces.

step 9. add extras to the front bodice. don't measure. just eyeball it. almost double.. works.

step 10.  sew sides together. use the cottagemama method to sew bodice to lining.

step 11. use a string to cut out a half circle skirt. make sure you catch a fold so you have one open selvage side. use the skirt piece to trace a (shorter) lining piece. stitch tulle to the lining. hem both the skirt and the lining. attach both skirts at the waistline.

step 12. sew the skirt to the bodice. the skirt selvage edge  hits at center back. add a few gathers or something to make sure the skirt fits the bodice.

step 13.  attach zipper. easiest way is the sew mama sew way.

step 14. finish the inside of the dress. running stitch is the  fastest way to handsew  lining to a dress.

step 15. ummm .. the fashionista thinks the dress is too loose. never fear, add a sash!! use safety pins on the inside as  last minute belt anchors.
ta da! you're done!
now add a flower you found in your stash.. look ma, it matches!!
 a few hair clips you had lying around.
cover up all the mistakes with a winter cardigan, and we're in business!!

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