Saturday, December 14, 2013

a pencil case with free Tutorial link
Making a pencil case is pretty easy.. all it needs is a zipper and a piece of fabric. Making a pencil case for my eldest takes some thought: it has to be roomy enough,  it has to be sturdy, it has to be washable for all the ink spills and pencil shavings.

 Usually, i just get her something from Al rawnaq -- it is the be-all and end-all of cheap office supplies in Qatar. This time, i had NO time to take that trip to the other end of the town.  and of course, i have a shelf full of fabric.. so i decided to make one.

 I used this excellent tutorial at the spoonful of sugar (click on the picture to go there)

I changed the dimensions to accommodate her boatload of supplies that she insists to carry to school every day. All her color pencils, pens, white ink, sketch pens, hi-liters, pencils, sharpener,eraser, and random whatnots. (Why do kids need so much stuff anyway? at her age, two pens and a scale were all that was in my box.. and an instrument box was a burden!)

 I'm pretty pleased with the pouch.. now i have two little voices following me wherever i go.. insisting i make them one too :D


  1. Looks pretty useful ! Thanks for sharing the link .

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, and I loved the things you have made. I don't find too many South Asian (Indian?) in sewing related blogland, so nice to have found you. Will visit again often to see your creations.


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