Friday, November 29, 2013

honeycomb smocking sundress

have you ever tried smocking? my sister does, and she's pretty good at it, but i am a little intimidated. so this was a little "beginner" smocking test.
 The dress turned out beautifully, and as i used it, i found that the smocking got stretched and stayed that way: lesson: always use lining/facing  for your smocked stuff.

 I used this excellent tutorial:  It uses the oldschool method of marking dots on the fabric.. it was a very simple process, only took me a few hours to do six rows of hand stitching  to make the dress.

thebusybuglife smocked dress

while browsing, I found this darling dress made with the same technique at  busybugs. is'nt it adorable?i would like to make one like that. anyone have a little girl of 3 years who would wear a smocked dress?


  1. Replies
    1. eh.. by the time i finish that dress, she will be 3 years old :D give big ummas to neenu from me :)

  2. Yes, it has resulted into a beautiful dress :) Lovely fabric too!


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