Friday, November 29, 2013

honeycomb smocking sundress

have you ever tried smocking? my sister does, and she's pretty good at it, but i am a little intimidated. so this was a little "beginner" smocking test.
 The dress turned out beautifully, and as i used it, i found that the smocking got stretched and stayed that way: lesson: always use lining/facing  for your smocked stuff.

 I used this excellent tutorial:  It uses the oldschool method of marking dots on the fabric.. it was a very simple process, only took me a few hours to do six rows of hand stitching  to make the dress.

thebusybuglife smocked dress

while browsing, I found this darling dress made with the same technique at  busybugs. is'nt it adorable?i would like to make one like that. anyone have a little girl of 3 years who would wear a smocked dress?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

a cheetah print dress

A cheetah dress, because (i have no idea why) she insisted on buying this fabric as soon as she saw it in the shop. (and she loves the softness of  butter chiffon ).

 can you see where the dress sags a bit in the side?  that is what happens if you don't hang a circle skirt  to settle.the fabric on the bias will relax in use, so we have to let it "hang" for at least 24 hours and redraw the hemline to achieve a proper circle hemline. This useful pic shows exactly what to do:

I finished the hem with black bias tape. Far easier than folding and sewing the circle edge.  what do you think?


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