Sunday, June 16, 2013

pretty dress in nicey jane

Do you remember that day not far ago when i received a huge envelope of fabric from Monica? 
I decided to cut into the next set.. and made this dress. Yes, another twirly dress for amy. The design is almost completely a knockoff of a dress i saw and saved long ago.. sad that it was the years before i found pinterest and have no idea where i saved it from.

I'm very proud of the fact that I used up every last inch of that adorably pretty floral. Sorry for such low quality pictures, my minicam is not what it used to be, especially since amy started hijacking it.

Thank you, Monica!

(edited to add: found the old inspiration, at KinderKouture. website click through to see gorgeous photos of the dresses she makes.  )

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  1. This dress looks absolutely beautiful on your daughter. Thank you for the lovely comments and compliments you left in your blog and on Facebook. I really appreciate it.


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