Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a half-circle maxi dress tutorial

step 1: take measurements of your child. 
step 2: cut out a semicircle for the skirt, on the fold.
 cut out the  bodice and sleeves from the leftover corners :)

 step 3: stitch the sides of the sleeves
step 4: gather the sleeves a bit and  find placement on the bodice.

step 5: cut lining for the bodice, sandwich sleeves between, sew the top together.
step 6: install zipper.
(now topstitch around the whole neckline, enclosing the lining along the zipper.)
step 7: attach the skirt to the bodice.
step 8.hand stitch the bodice lining to the waist seam, stitch to enclose all seams.
step 9: let it hang for a day, because satin has the habit of stretching ..( i did not do this step, so the hem is a bit longer on one side)

step 10: re draw the hem, cut . roll the hem and stitch.

aand thats it!

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