Thursday, April 25, 2013

KCSW day 3 _ peasant top tutorial links

76/365 by Jaya Q
76/365, a photo by Jaya Q on Flickr.
a simple set, for playwear.

peasant blouse and half circle skirt . the fabric, i had chosen on my last trip to india.. makes me happy just looking at it.

want to make your own peasant dress?
click on the pictures to take you to the tutorials

A tunic top _ with pattern and tutorial links

75/365 by Jaya Q
75/365, a photo by Jaya Q on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
day 2 of Kids Clothes Sewing Week, i am sewing a tunic top for my eldest. she has her own design ideas, so this will take a while.

wanna make one of your own? click on the image to go to the tutorial

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCSW day1 _ with half circle skirt tutorial links

73/365 by Jaya Q
73/365, a photo by Jaya Q on Flickr.
A half circle skirt.. out of half meter of fabric.

want to make your own?
here are some free tutorials: click on the image to go to the tutorial

Monday, April 22, 2013

free japanese sewing pattern, apron dress from nani iro - a tutorial


this was made with  a  free nani iro  pattern for an apron dress: (click on the pic for more free patterns at the nani iro website)
it was  graciously translated into english by  yifarn of, you can get the free translation  at her page here

I made the floral dress with cotton voile, so that it is very lightweight and airy.. it became an instant favorite as sleepwear. 

 the apron, however, I made with cotton organza..  it was a fabric painting attempt by my sister, that i wanted to cut up and make a pretty apron. The apron  actually is way bigger than my daughter's twig of a waist. so, because it "is so loose!" she declined to wear it. 

the pattern is pretty straightforward, if you take the time to try and understand the way a japanese sewing pattern works.   they write it like a cartoon..  

 this is a rough outline of how i decoded it..  

  • first they have the pattern, 
  • then the instructions
  • they have numbered the steps, 
  •  they detail each step with small illustrations...(these are much  easier  to understand than full color photographs)
  • ALL numbers are in centimeters
  • you have to draw the pattern  on a paper first
  • this makes the actual cutting of fabric very easy, because you know how each piece goes..
tips for making this dress:
  • use a pencil to draw the pattern on newspaper or tracing paper.
  • add seam allowances (given inside the circles) on the paper.
  • cut the fabric
  • follow the steps to finish the garment. 
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a half-circle maxi dress tutorial

step 1: take measurements of your child. 
step 2: cut out a semicircle for the skirt, on the fold.
 cut out the  bodice and sleeves from the leftover corners :)

 step 3: stitch the sides of the sleeves
step 4: gather the sleeves a bit and  find placement on the bodice.

step 5: cut lining for the bodice, sandwich sleeves between, sew the top together.
step 6: install zipper.
(now topstitch around the whole neckline, enclosing the lining along the zipper.)
step 7: attach the skirt to the bodice.
step 8.hand stitch the bodice lining to the waist seam, stitch to enclose all seams.
step 9: let it hang for a day, because satin has the habit of stretching ..( i did not do this step, so the hem is a bit longer on one side)

step 10: re draw the hem, cut . roll the hem and stitch.

aand thats it!


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